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Do you prefer Scottish kilts or Irish kilts?

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  • Do you prefer Scottish kilts or Irish kilts?

    The visit of King George IV to Scotland was an event filled with pagentry closely modelled on and influenced by the notions of gaelic / erse culture popularised by Walter Scott’s novel.Among the penal laws which had oppressed the languages, religious beliefs. Employment options and even haircuts imposed on the Scottish and Irish were prohibitions of what we now term kilts.The visit of George IV as i said saw the modern skirt version with supposed family or clan associated patterns presented. It was utterly fake. But to this day kilts are worn. They are withot question worn much more in Scotland. They are indeed “Scottish attire”.We Irish only tend to see them at funerals or in a few military dress uniforms. US Americans confuse our two countries and cultures. Those who self-identify as “Irish American” especially in NYC don kilts.
    I have worn a kilt, with the pattern associated with the scottish branch of my name : mac diarmada it was a pleated design more like a female school uniform for if truth be told I wore it at a fetish dress up party for adults.Was quite fun.
    & that really is why Scottish chaps love to wear kilts- they are fun.Yesterday in Barcelona i met a delegation of parliamentarians from Wales and Scotland who were visiting “Catalan poliitical prisoners” and the Catalan government. Catalonia is engaged in an independence struggle/issue and Catalan seperaisrs seek and enjoy contact and comfort from Scottish nationalists. One of the group, a 60year old member of ScottIsh parliament was wearing his kilt. He looked beey sweaty in the humid mid september Barcelona climate.

    With the Irish Hybrid Kilt, you are sure to draw all the right sort of attention, thanks to its bold and unique look. This sort of kilt combines both a unique fabric and a tartan of your choice into a geometric pattern that features triangular points.